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Rooftop AC units are known as package units. They are an all-in-one heating and cooling system mounted directly  on top of the roof of an RV or a boat. Because all its components are together, a package unit is for boats which do not have conventional type of marine ACs that can be fitted in to the interior.

K2 AIR SYSTEMS is the best place to get Marine air conditioners for RVs or boats when you go on trips with your family or alone. Our group has been making air conditioning products for RVs and boats for a while and we have put a lot of effort into making the best possible product for our customers. If you want to buy an air conditioner for a camper, it’s important to know some things about our RV rooftop air conditioning units first. In this article, you will find out the advantages of using specific equipment on your vehicle. You will also learn why you should choose our team to help you with this.

It’s important to start with the basics when learning about RV air conditioning to improve your experience. A roof top air conditioning can give you lots of benefits. RVs are meant to travel to many different places, which can offer great experiences. However, the weather in these places can vary a lot and make you feel uncomfortable. If you don’t have air conditioning in your RV or boat, you might feel hot and uncomfortable inside. This could make your outside discomforts worse inside too. It’s important to check out different Roof top AC units to figure out what you want. The K2 air conditioning team is often asked for help because they are very good at what we do.



K2 Air Systems Marine Roof top air conditioner is designed specifically for marine roof top use, with enough experience in Marine air conditioners , K2 Roof top Air conditioner is a device for the crane cabin or cabin on the top deck, It is air cooled, with an enclosed rotary compressor, copper tube copper fins heat exchanger, dual marine grade low-noise centrifugal fan blowers , strong plastic cover for indoor unit and outdoors, direct expansion to the cabin air , low noise , safety and reliability.


  • High capacity 2.5kw, 3.5kw, 4.0kw cooling.
  • Electric heater is optional.
  • Flip down electronic climate control LED control panel.
  • Full function remote control with sleep timer and dehumidifying functions.
  • Ultra quiet, high efficiency 3-speed fans.
  • One piece chassis and canopy- super strong polyurethane.
  •  Ultra low roof profile – less drag and improved clearance. Under your carport or garage.
  • Potential to evaporate, condensate, stopping water running down the side of your cabin.
  • Corrosion resistant coated coils and stainless steel 316L fixings- a proven performer in any marine environment.
  • This roof top Air conditioner has been used on various defense department marine craft around the globe.

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Are you interested in k2 air conditioner for your RV? Find a dealer nearby or look in our online store to get the right one for your vehicle or boat. This will make your adventures more comfortable . Our team knows a lot about air conditioning and is happy to answer any questions you have. You can ask us any time and we’ll use our experience to give you the best answers. To learn more about the air conditioning industry and the products we offer, visit our blog. You’ll get insights from experienced professionals.

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