EuroPump bilge pump is a water pump used to remove the bilge water from the boat. since fuel can be present in the bilge pumps are often fitted with float switches which turn on the pumps when the bilge fills to a set level. Climax marine deals with high performance bilge pumps of 3500gph,3000gph, 2000 gph, 1100 gph, 750 gph, 500 gph, available in both 12v and 24 volt. Buy bilge pump from climax marine we will deliver the product to your door step . Bilge pumps are also known as Bailing Pumps.

Wide range of application: the boat bilge pump and automatic float switch can be applied for fishing boats, cruisers, runabouts, yachts and most marine, RV, etc.; And it can also be applied in aquarium, small swimming pool, fountain and other places that need drain the water. 

Electric bilge pump: the electric bilge pump is great for you to drain water efficiently, which has a good motor and help drain the water efficiently; It is a good forhydraulic systems fed with cold water and can be applied in line to be fed by gravity or pressure