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Clion Marine Chillers

Clion Marine Chillers

Air conditioning for yachts and super yachts

Clion Marine Chillers are ideal for cooling entire boats and larger yachts. The chiller operates using a seawater-cooled condenser. The chilled water is distributed to the various areas through insulated pipes. Temperature is controlled by the connection with one or more Air Handlers in the various different zones. This allows the temperature to be controlled independently in each zone. Depending on the capacity of the Clion Marine Chiller concerned, the number of air handlers within the system is unlimited. This makes the system ideal for cooling entire boats and mega yachts.

Multi-functional, energy-efficient air conditioning

Clion Marine Chillers are equipped with compressors driven by continuously-variable Inverters. This technology is characterised not only by extremely low power consumption and quiet operation, but the variable power. Power is automatically adjusted to the cooling capacity required at any given time. This creates a stable interior climate and prevents annoying power surges. The system can also be used for heating when the seawater temperature is 6 0C or more, thanks to the practical reverse cycle function. In addition, the system can be easily integrated with an existing diesel heater.

Simple operation and installation

Clion Marine air conditioning systems are characterised by their high-quality design. The solid stainless steel housings means that the chillers are suitable for extreme conditions, climatic or otherwise. Operation of the chillers is made easy thanks to the touchscreen control panel or remote control. As well as supplying individual components, we offer design, engineering and support services. This can vary from pipeline designs and advice on the best location to complete operational installation of air conditioning systems. We ensure that our systems always operate at maximum efficiency.

Clion Marine Chillers are available in a number of versions. We would be delighted to demonstrate the wide range of options available and help you in making the right choice of marine air conditioning.

Technical specifications:

We carry the Clion Marine Chillers here: Clion Marine Chillers

Should you have any questions on setting up a marine chiller system on your boat, or need help locating a specific chiller system not listed on our site, just let us know. We’re happy to help.

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