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The gulf is home to some of the finest wooden constructed vessels. It is classic workmanship which is appreciated in the region due to the deep roots that are connected to the cultural profession namely pearl diving and fishing for the people of the Arabian peninsula which is commercially practiced until the present time. In recent times the smaller commercial fishing boat industry have adapted the use of modern GRP. Nevertheless, the visual design elements of a traditional dhow have been kept in order to retain the essence.
Moreover, wooden constructed cargo ships are still preferably in use for sea transportation in the Arabian gulf as the use of wood proves its durability and its nature to withstand the test of time. And for those who can spare to do so, they have built luxury dhows to preserve the aesthetic appeal and the tradition in fine crafted teak wood. I, Personally, have always found the idea fascinating from a distance, the use of modern amenities in combination with traditional construction. However, it is easier said than done. A challenge that most are not ready to take on when it is constructed in conjunction to such scale as a ‘classed pleasure craft’ since it is the skill and craftsmanship that has been globally decreased with time after modern materials have created and taken the place in the industry.

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