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VITRIFRIGO REFRIGERATORS FOR BOATS – Tailored for living and thriving in aquatic environments.

VITRIFRIGO REFRIGERATORS FOR BOATS – Tailored for living and thriving in aquatic environments.

If you are looking for marine refrigerator for your boat there is no perfect choice other than vitrifrigo marine refrigerator.

The Italian Made Vitrifrigo Marine Refrigerators have decades of experience in Marine field so they are expertise in what it takes to keep food fresh, drinks cold, and ice frozen throughout your voyage.

On boats, refrigeration is one of the largest power consumers, along with A/C, water heater, and watermaker. So optimizing power consumption, and managing power when used, is of the utmost importance. This is often one enormous good thing about choosing vitrifrigo marine fridge.

Along with energy-efficiency, Vitrifrigo has the following benefits built into their refrigerators:

  • Superior insulation
  • Durability and reliability
  • Sleek and stylish designs made to compliment a boat’s interior
  • Ease of access in order to service

Vitrifrigo’s confidence in their marine refrigerators is backed up by a 3-year warranty.



Why everybody Select Vitrifrigo fridge rather than a Regular Refrigerator For Your Boat?

A stylish personality is one of the outstanding features of the whole  of Vitrifrigo refrigerators, which are able to offer solutions to meet any need and always flexible enough to fit naturally into any setting

Fridges not made for vessels are built with maximizing inside space in mind, and and use very thin insulation to achieve this result. A fridge built like this will not be able to handle time cruising the oceans, particularly in hotter climates.

Vitrifrigo refrigerators are built with a rigid external chassis and extra thick, highly efficient poly-urethane foam insulation throughout, ensuring your refrigerator and freezer are keeping your food cool / frozen in the marine environment, and simultaneously will save you on energy costs due to the fridge not having to work double time.

Reliability is very important. Vitrifrigo fridges run on a really good and peaceful Danfoss / Secop 12/24 volt compressor. The Danfoss/Secop compressor has been used for a long time and is very reliable. It’s been made by Danfoss, a company that has been making compressors for over 60 years. Manufacturers of marine refrigerators choose it because it’s durable, dependable, and lasts a long time.

Refrigerators that are not made for boats are typically not enclosed and need additional fans to cool them down while in use. The Vitrifrigo has special machines inside that cool air with a fan. This makes it work better, use less energy, have more space on the inside, and last longer.

Vitrifrigo fridges look really good and go well with your kitchen’s style, but they also work well. The designs of the objects were made to go well with the insides of boats. They are black or stainless steel and can fit easily in small spaces.

Perusing boating forums, you’ll find many happy boat owners discussing their Vitrifrigo refrigerators:


“Our Vitrifigo has operated flawlessly in south Florida and the Bahamas for about three years now. We really like it and it freezes our ice cream. Something the Adler Barber never could do. Chuck”

   -AnchorageGuy, 4,618 posts on, Boat: Marine Trader 34DC

“I have a keel cooled BD35 Vitrifrigo with an evaporator.
Love it.”

    -senormechanico, 5,659 posts on, Boat: Dragonfly 1000 Trimaran 

“Our Lipari came with the Vitriofrigo 2 drawer fridge, same as in the photos above. I have been monitoring the power usage and was surprised. Here is the graph and stats.

We have it turned up to max (I like cold beer) and we don’t take particular care on how long or often we open the drawers.

Nice unit”

    -Dod42, Brisbane, Australia, 353 posts on, Boat: Fountaine Lipari 41 Evolution

“I fitted a Vitrifrigo compressor / evaporator unit to our top-loading fridge. It is based on the universal Danfoss compressor but has a very efficient fan-cooled heat exchanger. You can also vary the compressor speed to optimise power consumption. It takes about 2.5A but only runs about 50% of the time even when it’s hot. 

No complaints.”

   -Hoolie, Hants / Lozère, 3,194 posts on

“We just decided on a Vitrifrigo for our new American Tug. I hated the look of the standard NovaKool and it uses a single Danfoss BD 35 compressor for both the fridge and freezer. There are lots of reports of the NovaKool not keeping temperature in warm climates…

It then came down to a Vitrifrigo or a Webasto unit with 2 of the Danfoss BD compressors, one each for fridge and freezer. Then we went to the Newport Boat Show. We saw the Webasto unit in person and we where less than impressed.

We then found the Vitrifrigo model we had considered and that was that. Vitrifrigo it is! Bruce”

  -Bruce B, Rhode Island, US, 1,262 posts on, Boat: American Tug 395

“We are in the process of pulling out SubZeros and putting in two Vitrifrigo 210s, one all fridge one all freezer. We got tired of sitting on the floor to get in the boxes, so drawers were too good to pass up. I researched all the dual voltage options. Hopefully made the right decision. Time will tell.

Anyone in my area want two almost new SubZeros?”

  -Drake, Seabrook, TX, US, 427 posts on, Boat: DeFever 50

“Love our two drawer Vitrifrigo. It’s been running 24/7 for 5 months/yr for a couple of years now (solar panels). Fit in the same space (with minor modifications) as our old Nevercold.”

  -dwhatty, Buck’s Harbor, MN, US, 2,700 posts on, Boat: 2001 Island Gypsy 32

“My old Norcold DE-561 was on the way out so I decided to replace it with an Italian made Vitrifrigo DP-2600. Here is the finished product:”


The new Vitrifrigo is real nice- Danfoss compressor, LED interior light, and lots more room than the Norcold. I swapped out the black panels for some 22ga stainless that I had custom cut (from an online site) for less than $100. I considered Tundra, but they recently had a fire in their plant, and I also considered Isotherm, but the Vitrofrigo won out. Brian

  -Mystic Dreamer, St. Petersburg, FL, 368 posts on, Boat: 2006 Sea Ray 44 Sundancer

As you can, Vitrifrigo is considered to be the best marine refrigerator by many.


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You’ll find refrigerators, freezers, icemakers, and combination units. We carry other top marine refrigerator & brands here, as well: Marine Refrigerators


Since 1978, Vitrifrigo, an Italian company, has been one of the leading manufacturers of refrigerators, freezers & ice makers to marine markets worldwide. In 2005, Vitrifrigo opened its own distribution facility in the United States under the name Vitrifrigo America LLC. Vitrfrigo America LLC, based in Pompano Beach, Florida, is a fully stocked & staffed distribution facility which provides services to it’s customers throughout the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean and Central & South America.

Any questions you may have, just let us know!

Have a good one!

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