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The plumbing system of your boat cannot function without marine pumps. The primary aim of most marine pumps is to transport fluids from one location to another, which can entail ingress and egress from the vessel. We have prepared a comprehensive guide to assist you in comprehending the varied types of marine pumps and aid you in choosing the most suitable one for your vessel. Marine air conditioning systems require special centrifugal to provide a steady flow of cooling seawater or freshwater throughout the system at a consistent pressure.

The complete raw water marine air conditioning system consists of an intake through-hull fitting, seacock, strainer, marine air conditioner pump, and overboard discharge through-hull, all connected by hose or piping. Marine A/C pumps are designed to withstand the constant heavy-duty demands of marine air conditioning systems.


Scot Pump delivers marine-grade End Suction All Bronze Centrifugal pumps for seawater applications. Built from top-quality materials, these pumps offer reliable performance and ease of maintenance. Scot’s expertise includes producing pumps in titanium, copper-nickel, and various bronze alloys for the US Navy and Coast Guard.

 Marine Straight Centrifugal Pump – Scot Pump manufactures End Suction All Bronze Centrifugal pumps for seawater applications in the Marine market. These products are made from the highest quality castings and components to provide years of trouble-free service. They are rugged, heavy-duty, simple designs for easy maintenance. Scot has produced pumps for the US Navy and Coast Guard in Titanium, copper-nickel, Inconel, Monel, and bronze alloys 903, 922, 954, and 958.


Calpeda is a company that is committed to study, to develop, to manufacture and to industrialize pumping systems. Centrifugal electric pump made in BRONZE widely used in the nautical sector to transfer and/or deliver fresh water and sea water to all the plants where a large flow rate is needed such as air conditioning, cooling, circulation etc. The pump converts the energy of a motor first into speed (kinetic energy) and then into pressure energy. It is based on the principle according to which a liquid closed in a container, if exposed to a high angular speed, tends to become denser towards the extremities, with a resulting increase in energy. More in detail, the fluid contained inside the pump body is made to rotate by an impeller with blades that is fastened to a shaft. The shaft, which rotates, pushes the liquid towards the edges because of centrifugal force (for example a spoon in a coffee cup).


March Pumps – US manufacturer specializing in the construction and assembly of magnetic drive pumps for boat air conditioners and chillers. March Pumps does most of its molding and machining in house to ensure high quality and the ability to modify pumps as much as possible for any run size. March Manufacturing began in 1954. We carry March Magnetic Drive pumps from 250 – 2100 GPH, in 115V & 230V.


Oberdorfer Marine Pumps deliver efficiency and peace of mind. Oberdorfer’s centrifugal and gear marine pumps are used in applications such as air conditioning, bilge and seawater recirculation, oil change, fuel transfer, and more. Many leading marine manufacturers rely on Oberdorfer marine pumps for fuel transfer and conditioning, ballast trimming and oil transfer.


K2 air system marine pump – a magnetic drive circulation pump is a micro engineering plastic full sealed pump. Adopting advanced magnetic coupling technology. K2 pumps have no leakage and even no shaft seal. The structure of the pump is compact and very light.



HeadHunter Mach5 Multistage presh water pressure pump : HEADHUNTER Mach 5 Fresh Water Pump – 230 V / 60 Hz / 4 amps – an integrated control system provides instant dry run protection, and allows the pumps to be used with or without a pressure accumulator tank. (# M5-230 / 60). Max Pressure 67 PSI, Max Flow 20 GPM, Suction/Discharge 1” MPT, 23 lbs.

HeadHunter XCaliber water pressure system : HEADHUNTER X-Caliber Pressure Pump – 12 – 24 VDC. Quiet, reliable, blasting water pressure. Combining advanced DC motor and control technology with a proven self-priming centrifugal pump (# XR-124). Max Pressure: 67 PSI – Max Flow: 10 GPM – Inlet and Discharge fitting: 3/4” FPT – Weight: 16 lbs. Freshwater and Saltwater models are the same

Climax Marine Services specializes in supply of different Brands and types of Marine Sea Water Pump that are used in various applications. We carry a wide range of Sea water pumps such as Calpeda, March Pump,K2, Scot Pump, Oberdorfer, etc. We have also Fresh/Chill water pumps, Condensation Pump, Macerator Pump & Pump Mechanical Seal. Find your next Marine Sea Water Pump online with us and delivered to your door step in Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudia Arabia and Kuwait.

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